Leading a masterclass at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA)

Leading a masterclass at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA)

Having started teaching neighbors and friends at age 13, Miss Yvonne has had more than a decade of teaching experience, whether in a private studio, classroom, or master class setting. As a teaching artist with Juilliard ArtReach, she taught summer classes at Snow College (Ephraim, UT) and presented master classes for students at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (NOCCA) and Houston School of Performing and Visual Arts (HSPVA). She has been on the chamber music faculty of AFA Texas, teaching class piano, chamber music, and music theory in their Summer Music Festival (2016, 2017, 2018). At Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music, she taught private lessons to organ and composition students, group piano classes for non-keyboard majors, and undergraduate music fundamental classes for non-musicians.

She is currently on faculty as Piano Teacher at St. John’s School where she teaches private K-12 piano instruction. See the school’s feature on her in their newspaper, The Review: “Class Act: Piano Teacher Yvonne Chen” (November 2017).

in the classroom


private lessons


Piano lessons are geared towards the individual student's learning style and personal goals, whether starting at the piano with no prior experiences or preparing for an audition or competition.

References and resume are available upon request. Potential students of all ages and experience should contact if interested in lessons.


teaching philosophy

Establishing a good rapport with students is critical for me to create a positive and beneficial learning experience. My teaching engages each student by understanding what the child is capable of, challenging and fulfilling them with varied repertoire. With students from a variety of backgrounds, I make sure all reach a solid foundation of piano-playing with an understanding of note-reading, proper posture, rhythm, dynamics, and style. From this foundation I encourage students to find their own voices within music for self-expression while providing the framework of the music itself.

I also focus on helping students understand and apply concepts which are not only essential to their success in music, but will also be useful in all aspects of life. The commitment, self-accountability, and focus required for studying music and success in any field are all gained in my teaching. Students will leave with a newfound appreciation and understanding of music, developed life skills, and a solid foundation in piano-playing to continually build upon.

While it is not mandatory, performances are a great motivating tool and make good long-term goals for students. I understand each student’s differences and will accommodate the learning style and motivation of each student to ensure some sort of a final project, whether a public performance, private jury, or an audio/video recording project. Performing provides the student with positive feedback from others, a sense of ownership in their own creative talents, and a chance to share music with friends and family.