As I've been trying to make so many decisions on designing a website for Loop38, I realized my own website has gotten a bit less care and upkeep over the years... So, with the long Labor Day Weekend, I've revamped the whole site with more color and new layouts! This has also made me realize how few high-quality photos I have, so that'll need to be added to the to-do list, but I think this is a good start! Let me know what you guys think - from font type to color to size to all the different kinds of layouts and information I could've added - there were way too many decisions to make! 

As a performing artist/freelance musician/full-time student, Labor Day Weekend meant that I actually had some sort of weekend! With Saturdays and Sundays ordinarily booked with lessons and my church job, I was thankful for that extra Monday without classes to catch up with friends and... to schedule a rehearsal :)

In preparation for an upcoming performance with DiverseWorks, I got together with violist Yvonne Smith in the first (and hopefully not last) Yvonne and Yvonne duo collaboration! Next week we'll be rehearsing with a couple dancers in what is sure to be an incredible and unique multi-media event at the MATCH.