I was floored with how many people came to our concert last night. With it being a weeknight, we weren't really sure how many people would be able to come. In the end, we had about 60 guests come enjoy the evening of cello and piano music. Some traveled from across the Potomac to come, and perhaps most impressively, my younger sister (without my having to even ask her) drove up from Richmond right after work to make it to the concert to turn my pages, only to leave directly after, arriving back in Richmond by 1am to work the next day. Elaine, you are amazing. 

Mitch and I were nervous, excited, but most importantly had an incredible time playing the concert, and we were thrilled to play our favorite encore, Rachmaninoff's Vocalise. The piece was one that we always programmed to end our GCSF concerts, and it was great to continue that tradition last night. I am happy to go to bed with a full heart after seeing all of the support and appreciation from the audience and family members, and excited to go to Philadelphia for the next performance in Mitch's hometown!

Special thanks to the Falls Church Episcopal (Terri and Julie), my dad for helping us move the beautiful Steinway across a very rickety cobblestone floor, my mom for organizing the reception and doing so much behind-the-scenes work, our donors , supporters, members of NTUAC-DC, and David Wei (photography above).