Photo Credit: Romeo Sanidad

My plan to give y'all daily updates of our rehearsals with the living music seattle project completely failed. Basically our second day was extremely productive, rehearsing from 9am to 9pm with an extremely nourishing lunch break at Din Tai Fung and a leisure car-ride stuck in traffic before rehearsing in the space for the first time. 

The Good Shepherd Center provided everything we could've ever wanted for a performance of our type. The seating was completely free for us to arrange to create a more intimate experience, while the stage was just slightly elevated and spacious for Maddie to use for her choreography. They even had all the things we don't ever think of - green rooms, lobby space for ticket selling, tables for coffee and concessions, curtains for sound absorption, tons of music stands, cords, and cables. They all came in handy and definitely helped to make the project such a success!

All in all, we had about 60 people come, and were thrilled with the audience's enthusiasm for what we were doing. Of course, this being a first time project, we had a few things we'd fix for next time, but we are so happy with its turnout! Just in case I forget - always make sure to test different lighting settings before you find yourself squinting at the page because it's much darker when the blinds are closed...

I am so grateful for everyone's enthusiasm for this project and for the collaboration of amazing musicians as Doug and Shelly. We're hoping to do it again in Texas, so be on the lookout for Living Music Houston! In the meantime, we'll see about getting permission to post video/audio clips online for those who couldn't make it to Seattle :)