Since coming back from Leipzig, it has been a non-stop slew of things to do, mainly because I had to move! Now that the apartment is nearly completely set up (the couch comes in next week!), there's finally time to fix up the website and update ya'll on my summer plans. 

I've officially started as the organist/pianist of St. Michael Catholic Church, playing at the Saturday evening service. It's amazing that with years of training as a pianist and experience playing with choirs and even broadway shows, I never encountered the type of improvisational skills and attentiveness for subtle cues needed for playing a Mass until now. I'm finally getting the hang of it, and have taken it upon myself to start a project of my own: Play through Bach's Well-Tempered Clavier (both books) and the Goldberg Variations in its entirety by the end of next year! I already have a pretty good start, playing at least one prelude and fugue for the Mass Prelude, and a Goldberg variation for the postlude.

I also just played an awesome event this past weekend for Rice... Not only was it on my favorite Hamburg Steinway, I had a lot of fun curating the 30-minute "reception music" program (read: How to Select Your Reception Music). 

The extra bonus was that Yao Ming was there! He graciously took a picture with us.

Posing with Yao and the Apollo Chamber Players (June 2015)

Posing with Yao and the Apollo Chamber Players (June 2015)

Beyond that, I am loving the time summer allows for my students to practice and take "camp" with me! It's been great to see how a student can improve so rapidly with just a couple weeks of multiple meetings. At the keyboard, I'm also preparing for an August recital in Seattle with my friend, Doug! Stay tuned for more information on that.