In my last blog post, I couldn't remember what I did the whole month of January. Here's making sure that won't happen in 11 months! 

The year has started off with a good balance of work and play. After an all-too-brief vacation on the west beaches of Florida, I'm back at school starting off my second semester as a doctoral student! I have a feeling this semester is going to be a bit more academically challenging (until now, I hadn't taken a theory class since Juilliard!) and, as always, contain a lot of playing. 

Just this weekend, I joined my peers in performing movements from Unsuk Chin's Akrostichon-Wortspiel to a very enthusiastic crowd! In the coming weeks, I'll be performing Bernstein's song cycle, Arias and BarcarollesIn the meantime, I'm learning the finalized repertoire for my first doctoral degree recital, discovering some American chamber works, and putting a piano-organ duo recital program together in March!